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What We Do

Venue, Event, Private Staffing

In its basic form EPS can be considered a security staffing agency, as such and specific to our industry. EPS will have security professionals ready at a moment’s notice to take on your growing needs. Above and beyond your scheduled needs on Monday through Sunday, we are at your disposal for your special events inside and outside of your scheduled venue.

State of Maine certified, Alcohol Seller/Server certification for your nightclub, bar, restaurant, event, and private function staff.

Event Pro staffing with a Customer Service Focus

Integrity – Staffing that is consistent, professional, and accountable with an understanding of the keys to customer service, loyalty, patron satisfaction, and the continued growth of the business clients.


Commitment – Our approach to handling your needs is with a solid understanding of the entertainment industry. EPS is not just another vendor; we are a committed partner with the goal of helping continue your business’ success.


Professionalism – Gone are the days of physical confrontations that present your venue in a negative light. Great care is taught to our professionals to understand how to

de-escalate conflict situations with consideration to the patron and to the establishment. 










Service Areas
  • Nightclubs and Bars,

  • Live Music and Private Event

  • Restaurants

  • Security Risk Assesment

  • Security Consulting and Planning

  • Alcohol Seller/Server Certification

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